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Street scene in Wiveniscombe The centre of the town of Wiveliscombe. Brightly coloured homes in Wiveliscombe. View of old properties in Wiveliscombe. The Church of St Andrew in Wiveliscombe. The aisle and altar in St Andrew's Church. Stained glass window in St Andrew, Wiveliscombe. Near Whitefield Farm above Wiveliscombe.

The Webber Family:

There are several John Webbers at the same time in this area and all are easy to confuse.  As well as those listed, there are others on our database.  

Charles Gadd was born around 1828 in Wiveliscombe.  He married Mary Boden in 1849.  He worked as an agricultural labouer.  

Born around 1820, Maria Nurcombe married John Webber from Milverton.  The mother of 11 children, she spent her  whole life in this town.

Memorials in the church:

Charles Boucher, died 1886

Benjamin Boucher died 1838

Edward Boucher, died 1823

Thomas Boucher, died 1811

Other  family members  are recorded on these memorials.

Benjamin WEBBER,  Abt 1858

Caroline WEBBER,   1845

Charles WEBBER,   1835

Charles WEBBER,   Abt 1876

Charlotte WEBBER,   1845

Charlotte J WEBBER,   Abt 1856

Edwin WEBBER,   Abt 1860

Eliza M WEBBER,   Abt 1878

Elizabeth WEBBER,   1843

Elizabeth WEBBER,   Abt 1844

Elizabeth WEBBER,   Abt 1866

Frank WEBBER,   Abt 1852

George WEBBER,   Abt 1836

Harriett WEBBER,   Abt 1858

James WEBBER,   1849

James WEBBER,   Abt 1841

James WEBBER,   Abt 1854

James WEBBER,   Abt 1876

James WEBBER,   Abt 1880

John WEBBER,   1809

John WEBBER,   1846

John WEBBER,   1846

John WEBBER,   1847

John WEBBER,   Abt 1846

John WEBBER,   Abt 1868

John Palmer WEBBER,   1840

Maria WEBBER,   Abt 1872

Mary WEBBER,   Abt 1839

Mary WEBBER,   Abt 1870

Mary A WEBBER,   Abt 1879

Mary J WEBBER,   Abt 1856

Mary J WEBBER,   Abt 1857

Matilda WEBBER,   Abt 1862

Robert WEBBER,   Abt 1810

Sally WEBBER,   1796

Samuel WEBBER,   1849

Sarah WEBBER,   1843

Sarah A WEBBER,   Abt Jan 1851

Thomas WEBBER,  1813

William WEBBER,   1805

William WEBBER,  1829

William WEBBER,   Abt 1772

William Henry WEBBER,   Abt 1878

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The town of Wiveliscombe has evidence of a history dating back to the time of a Neolithic hillfort just outside of the current town.  

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