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West Camel

The village of West Camel. A cottage in West Camel. All Saints Church in West Camel The font in All Saints Church in West Camel West Camel memorial to those who fought in Second World War, dedicated in 1995.

The Ashford family:

Another family of agricultural labourers who remained in West Camel for many years.

Also born in this parish:

Amelia ASHFORD,  Abt 1846

Ann ASHFORD,   Abt 1824

Charles ASHFORD,   1782

Charles ASHFORD,   1838

Elizabeth ASHFORD,   1787

Emmanuel ASHFORD,   Abt 1816

George ASHFORD,   Abt 1825

Harriet ASHFORD,   abt 1810

James ASHFORD,   1793

James ASHFORD,   1831

Jane ASHFORD,   Abt 1843

John ASHFORD,   1788

Sarah Gatehouse ASHFORD,   1818

Thomas ASHFORD,   1783

Thomas ASHFORD,  1828

William ASHFORD,   1792

William ASHFORD,   1798

William ASHFORD,   1812

Frances BOWDEN,   Abt 1857

George BOWDEN,   Abt 1831

George KELLEY,   1844

Henry PERRY,   Abt 1804

Jane PERRY,   Abt 1839

Harry PITMAN,   Abt 1866

James PITMAN,   Abt 1864

William PITMAN,   Abt 1861

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A village on the River Cam, West Camel has a long history, as shown by the remains of a Saxon preaching cross.  

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