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A street in Halse. A thatched cottage in the village of Halse. Springtime in the village of Halse. A cottage in the village of Halse. St James Church in Halse. Wall paintings in St James, Halse. The font in St James, Halse. A vew of St James, Halse. Stained glass window in Halse. War Memorial, Halse

War Memorial

First World War - Cornish, Davey, Filshie, Montgomery, Pole, Pratt, Sloman, Willis

Second World War - Bowering, Cornish, Greenslade, Hancock, Hobbs


The first years of the marriage of William and Sarah Ford were spent in this parish.

Jane FORD,   1828

John FORD,   1821

Maria FORD,   1836

Mary Anne FORD,   1826

Richard William FORD,   Abt 1834

Samuel FORD,   1823

William FORD 1831

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Six miles from Taunton lies the village and parish of Halse.   

Road sign in the village of Halse.

Born or baptised in this place:

John COMER,  Abt 1832

Sarah KING Abt 1800

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