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The steep hill into Chipstable. near to Chipstable Church. Near Chipstable Church All Saints Church in the village of Chipstable. The font in Chipstable Church.

World War I Memorial

Surnames include: Brandfield, Chorley, Cooksley, Cornish, Fry, Merry, Woodland


This family can trace its history into Devon.  

Elizabeth BODEN,  1831

George BODEN,   1835

Jane BODEN,   1842

Jane BODEN,   1842

Mary BODEN,   1827

Sarah BODEN,   1833

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Chipstable is the name of a village and parish in Somerset, near to the border with Devon.  

Born in this parish:

George GADD,   Abt 1852

William GADD,   Abt May 1850

George JEWELL,   Abt 1786

Sarah KEMP,   1809

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