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The Lee Family:

After a few years in London, the Lee family moved to Twerton.  The head of the family was a carpet weaver.

The Lewis Family:

The family of a weaver related to the Lee family.

Edith Maud LEWIS,   1885

Eleanor Florence Eliza LEWIS,   1890

Frederick William John LEWIS,   1888

Rose Emily J LEWIS,   1883

Albert Henry LEE,  1882

Alice LEE,  1875

Annie Maria LEE,  1889

Frederick James LEE,   1878

Gilbert Henry LEE,   1893

John LEE,   1866

Lily Elizabeth A LEE,   1888

Reginald Richard LEE,  1892

Richard LEE,   1868

Robert LEE,   Abt Dec 1880

William Henry LEE,   1864

William Robert G LEE,   Abt Aug 1890

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Twerton is part of the city of Bath.  

Carpet weaving.

Image  by Eric Thompson (1964)

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