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The following have featured in our research:

Job DAVIS, 13 Jul 1832

Lydia HARVEY,  1805

Eleanor HISCOCKS,   1845

Francis HISCOCKS,   Abt 1847

James HISCOCKS,   1833

Samuel HISCOCKS,   1838

Silas HISCOCKS,   1835

George KNIGHT, Abt 1842

Fanny Ann Hubert LONG,   Abt 1834

Jane LONG,   Abt 1836

Michael LONG,   Abt 1843

The Cosh Family:

This family appears to have moved to Frome in the 1860s, perhaps looking for a better life.  It, perhaps, did not turn out quite as they would have wished.  

Albert COSH,   Abt 1857

Alfred Ernest COSH,    1874

Arthur COSH,    1875

Edmund Frederick COSH,    1870

Frederick COSH ,   Abt 1865

John Francis COSH,    1871

Louisa Amelia COSH,    1874

Lucy Ellen COSH,    5 Sep 1867

Maria COSH,    Abt 1862

Mary COSH,    1877

Rose Jane COSH,    1873

Walter COSH,    Abt 1859

The Drew Family:

The Drew family arrived in Frome in 1842, after which they were often found in local newspapers.

Albert DREW,   1842

Alfred DREW,    1844

Alice Mary DREW,    25 Apr 1843

Emily Ellen DREW,    1845

Louisa DREW,    Abt 1848

Oliver DREW,    1849

Somerset Counties Contact

Frome was one of the largest towns in this county until the Industrial Revolution triggered growth in other towns.

In the News………..1864

George Knight, Edward Cosh and James Doel in court for trespassing.

In the News………..1860

Adam Drew appeared in court to answer a charge of poaching.  

In the News………..1864

Adam and Alfred Drew summoned for being drunk and riotous.

In the News………..1867

Adam Drew indicted for destroying apple trees.

For anyone with a connection to Adam Drew, much more is known of his life than suggested here.  

In the News………..1859

Harriet Barry charged with being drunk and disorderly.

In the News………..1885

Harriet Barry, Julia Ransome and Ellen Lloyd all in court.

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