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Chilton Polden

Chilton Polden Church. The pathway to St Edward's Church in Chilton Polden. The aisle in Chilton Polden Church. The pulpit in St Edward's Church. Chilton Polden War Memorial The road through the village of Chilton Polden.

War Memorial:

World War I - Bartlett, House, Pittey

World War II - Granville


In this village from the mid 17th Century, little reference to work has been found, but it would appear that the men of this family worked on the land, probably as farmers rather than labourers.  

 Memorials photographed:

Susan Carver, died 1833

Edward Hooper, died 1887

Edwin Walter Carver HOOPER,  1811

George HOOPER,   3 May 1761

John HOOPER,   1781

Joseph HOOPER,   1786

Mary HOOPER,   1787

Phoebe HOOPER,   1757

Phoebe HOOPER,   1780

Phoebe HOOPER,   1783

Richard HOOPER,   1790

Thomas HOOPER,  2 March 1760

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On the Somerset Levels lies the rural village of Chilton Polden.   

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