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Brompton Regis

Daffodils leading to the church in Brompton Regis.


This Webber family remained here for only a few years.

The interior of St Mary's Church in Brompton Regis.A street in Brompton Regis. Traditional cottages in Brompton Regis.Opposite the church in Brompton Regis.

Surnames on the War Memorial:

Blackmore, Cheek, Chilcott, Colman, Farmer, Hawkins, Jennings, May, Rushton, Sowden, Stevens, Tapp, Wensley, Williams

George WEBBER,  Abt 1822

John WEBBER,  17 March 1819

Samuel WEBBER,  09 April 1817

William WEBBER,  1830

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Formerly known as Kingsbrompton, this parish is on the Rivert Pulham, with one parish boundary marked by the River Exe.   

Brompton Regis War Memorial

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