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The Palmer Family:

We hope someone will find this list and know more about this family.  A huge mystery remains.

The Skeates Family:

William Skeates was a carpenter and joiner who died when young.

The Pitman Family:

The family of a police constable who later ran a greengrocery business.  

Also born or baptised in this place:

An image of Bath around 1970. Street scene in Bath in 1970. The year 1970 Bath.

Images taken in 1970 by Eric Thompson

Edith PITMAN,  Abt 1878

Ernest PITMAN,   Abt 1888

Henry PITMAN,   Abt 1884

Herbert PITMAN,   Abt 1890

Richard G PITMAN,   Abt 1900

Rose PITMAN,   Abt 1886

Walter PITMAN,   Abt 1875

William PITMAN,   Abt 1874

Winifred PITMAN,   1901

Frank BAKER,   1872

John Wedlock BAKER,  Abt 1844

Robert GOULD,   Abt 1850

Dorothy Minnie HAYDEN,   1894

Thomas LE DUC,   Abt 1841

Edgar S MARKS,   Abt 1869

Elizabeth E MARKS,   Abt 1875

Henri MARKS,   Abt 1866

William N MARKS,   Abt 1872

Selina Eliza MORRIS,   Abt 1824

John RUSS, 1789

William STARTUP,   1846

Charlotte Ann WARD,   6 December 1817

Frank WHITFIELD, 1852

Matthew Henry  WHITFIELD, 1851

Alice SKEATES,   1868

Bessie SKEATES,   1874

Charles A SKEATES,   Abt Oct 1860

Eliza SKEATES,   1843

Ellen SKEATES,   1867

Fanny L SKEATES,   1856

Fanny L SKEATES,   Abt Aug 1850

Mary Ann SKEATES,   Abt 1849

William SKEATES,   1845

William SKEATES,   Abt Sep 1870

Annie PALMER,   Abt 1867

Clara PALMER,   Abt 1863

Daniel PALMER,   1865

Frederick PALMER,   Abt 1868

Henry J PALMER,   1862

James PALMER,   Abt 1824

James PALMER,   Abt 1850

William J PALMER,   Abt 1862

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The largest city in Somerset, Bath’s history and architecture is world famous.  

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